Film Editing and the Art of Storytelling…

We’re a band of talented creatives that are passionate about telling stories in the most compelling way possible.  We believe that if a story isn’t memorable, it isn’t worth telling.

We’re here to provide the vital nourishment for great ideas to grow into something worthwhile.

Lessons critical to success can only be learned through direct experience.  Nearly two decades of professional experience in broadcast television and web means that we can give you the best in artistry, technique, budgeting, and execution. We’re team players that love using our talents for great ideas. Our singular aim is to give your audience an audio-visual experience they won’t  forget.

Every brand has a core story. People respond to authenticity and we stay true to your brand’s essence no matter what!

We’re keen to support social innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Public Service Announcement

Tags: Branded Content, Commercials, Web Videos, Promotional Videos, Training Videos, Documentary Series, Short Films, Music Videos, Feature Films, Documentary Films

wa-profile440Warren grew up around film and dedicated 12 years to perfecting his post production skills.  He worked in top South African commercials post production houses, Orchestra Blue and Prime Cut before going on to founding Seed Post Production.  Although he’s got a knack for commercial editing, he also is adept at carrying a full documentary series (offline and online) or a short film.  From well established television series like Top Billing and Carte Blanche to award winning commercials, he’s been tackling professional video productions nearly two decades. He’s worked for world renowned directors such as Francois Verster, Anthony Hoffman and the Guard Brothers. He collaborates well with bright creatives.

He’s passionate about writing; photography, and teaching (over the past 5 years, Warren has developed tutorials and taught over 50 Adobe certified courses for Premiere Pro and After Effects).


  1. Silver Lourie. Role: Editor. Client: Cell C; Title: “Subtitles”; Director: Jonathan Parkinson; Post Production House: Orchestra Blue; Agency: Net#Work BBDO; Prodco: Fresh Eye Films
  2. Vuka Best Use of Humor. Role: Editor. Client: “Cape Learning; Director: Francois Verster (Oscar Winner)
  3. Vuka Runner Up Best Overall. Role: Editor. “Child Soldiers”; Director: Murray MacIntosh


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